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Joe Byrne
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The has created 23 new millionaires in 2018, according to new numbers revealed.

More than €436m in prizes was won by lotto players over the past 12 months, which translates as being more than 57% spent on National Lottery games going back to players.

  • There were 13 Lotto jackpot winners so far sharing €67.7 million in jackpot prizes.
  • There was one winner of the EuroMillions jackpot in 2018, bringing to 13 the number of winners in Ireland since EuroMillions launched in 2004.
  • There were 28 winners of the EuroMillions Plus top prize of €500,000 in Ireland.

Dublin being the highest paid out counties in the country with almost €30m paid out to players with 49 top prizes for all Lottery draws including the EuroMillions, Lotto and Daily Millions.

With Co Tipperary being the second highest county scooping a total of €19,537,541 in ten big wins, while Cork emerged as the third highest county with more than €19.1 million won in 19 top prizes.

The highest prize paid out in 2018 was the €17m EuroMillions jackpot won by a syndicate in Tipperary in June.

According to the National Lottery 2018 was an incredible year for players who won a total of €436.6 million in prizes across all Irish lottery games, so far this year, there has been 23 new millionaires in Ireland.

With another millionaire due through the Christmas Millionaire Raffle which takes place on New Year’s Eve.

National Lottery stats for 2018 (figures released by the National Lottery):

Pro-Rata Ireland’s luckiest National Lottery counties in 2018:

County Total Top Prizes in all Lottery draws including the EuroMillions, Lotto and Daily Millions. Total amount won Population %
1 Tipperary 10 €19,537,541 3
2 Galway 13 €15,646,192 6
3 Limerick 10 €8,740,367 4
4 Cork 19 €19,100,867 12
5 Dublin 49 €29,902,831 29

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